Creativity and Innovation

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Creativity and Innovation

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Creativity is a mental process involving the discovery of new ideas or concepts, fueled by the process of either conscious or unconscious insight. Creativity has been attributed variously to divine intervention, cognitive processes, the social environment, personality traits, and chance. It has been associated with genius, mental illness, humor and sleep. Some say it is a trait we are born with; others say it can be taught with the application of simple techniques. Creativity has also been viewed as a beneficence of a muse or Muses. 

All innovation begins with creative ideas.  Innovation is a change in the thought process for doing something or new stuff that is made useful. It may refer to incremental emergent or radical and revolutionary changes in thinking, products, processes, or organizations. An idea made manifest, and innovation, ideas applied successfully in practice. The goal of innovation is positive.

Creativity is typically used to refer to the act of producing new ideas, approaches or actions, while innovation is the process of both generating and applying such creative ideas in some specific context.


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Ganesh Bhagat

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